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The United States in World Affairs, 1940

The United States in World Affairs, 1940
By Whitney H. Shepardson and William O. Scroggs
400 pp, Harper, 1941

A concise yet very readable account of events in one of the most critical periods of world history, with special emphasis on the effect of Hitler's Blitzkrieg on public opinion and government policy in the United States. The authors depict the successive stages by which the European War was brought closer to this country and eventually put an end to American neutrality. They give adequate attention to such vital topics as the expanding program of national defense, the protection of the Western Hemisphere, wartime relations with Canada and the Far East, the economic effects of total war, and all-out aid for Britain. An appendix contains selected documents and a chronology of events. The volume takes its place with its predecessors in this series as a permanently valuable work of reference.