The World's Iron Age

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The World's Iron Age

By William Henry Chamberlin
Macmillan, 1941
402 pp. $3.00

Mr. Chamberlin is a leading American foreign correspondent, having spent most of the last two decades abroad as the representative of the Christian Science Monitor, first in Russia and then in France and the Far East. His previous books, particularly on Russia, were noted for their informativeness and their objectivity. In this latest work he has attempted to get a longer perspective on the history of our times, and the result is a masterpiece of pessimism over the fate of our liberal, civilized world. Perhaps Mr. Chamberlin's dark outlook is in part due to his long residence in countries where liberty is dead. In any case, his own people have now, by the irresistible impact of events, been compelled to abandon the policy of neutrality and appeasement which he advocated in these pages.

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