One World

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One World

By Wendell L. Willkie
Simon and Schuster, 1943
86 pp. $1.00

In August 1942 Mr. Willkie left the United States in an Army bomber to circle the globe, visiting en route Africa, the Near East, Russia, China and Siberia, and returning via Alaska and Canada. In this book he reports his observations and the ideas which they inspired. His book is thus much more than a record of his discoveries; it is a revelation from which his fellow Americans can discover a great deal about Mr. Willkie. His reactions to the war in Egypt, to the personality of Stalin and the wartime operation of the Communist régime, and to the heartbreaking handicaps under which China struggles, are forthright and sympathetic. Written simply and sincerely as a personal memoir, this little volume is one of the hardest blows ever struck against the intellectual and moral isolationism of the American people.

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