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The Time for Decision
The Time for Decision
By Sumner Welles
Harper, 1944, 431 pp

Here is unquestionably one of the more important books of the day. As Under Secretary of State from 1937 to 1943, Mr. Welles was in an unrivalled position to know what was going on in American and world diplomacy. This book, though it cannot be described as indiscreet, nevertheless abounds in hitherto unpublished information. After reviewing the mistakes of Versailles and the unhappy, often sordid, story of our inter-war foreign policy, Mr. Welles takes us part way behind the scenes of his trip to Europe in the spring of 1940, the Good Neighbor Policy, and America's involvement in World War II. He concludes with a number of concrete suggestions for implementing a real peace, including the division of Germany into three separate parts and the creation of a world organization superimposed on regional arrangements.