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Goerdelers Politisches Testament
Goerdelers Politisches Testament
By Friedrich Krause
Krause, 1945, 70 pp

Goerdeler was Mayor of Leipzig and Price Control Administrator under the Nazis, whose advent to power he at first accepted. In 1936 he resigned as Mayor and in time became connected with the anti-Nazi opposition. In the fall of 1944 he was sentenced to hang for having allegedly prepared a government which was to have supplanted Hitler if the attempt on the Fuehrer's life in July of that year had been a success. His political testament, written in 1937, explains why he came to oppose Nazism. His reasons are those of a man who craves order, justice and a sound capitalist economy. He is not concerned about Nordic supremacy or anti-Semitism. This slender volume also contains a biographical sketch of Goerdeler and other short pieces by or about him.