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Political Handbook of the World, 1948
Political Handbook of the World, 1948
By Walter H. Mallory
Harper (for the Council on Foreign Relations), 1948, 220 pp

The large number of internal changes which took place in governments during the last year make the twenty-first annual revision of this standard work of reference particularly welcome. For example, this 1948 edition takes note of the establishment of India and Pakistan as independent states, includes the alterations made by revolution in the governments of Siam and Nicaragua, and the changes in Poland, Bulgaria and Rumania which resulted from the political developments in those countries. There is condensed, accurate and up-to-date information on political institutions, programs and personnel, in all states of the world, and the data about the world's press for which the Handbook is famous. A useful section is devoted to the United Nations, with summaries of the provisions of the Charter, the major organs and specialized agencies, and the personnel of the Committees and Secretariat.