The Goebbels Diaries 1942-1943

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The Goebbels Diaries 1942-1943

By Louis P. Lochner
Doubleday, 1948
566 pp. $4.00

Here we have some excerpts, long and short, from the 1942 and 1943 entries in Goebbels' voluminous diary, rescued from destruction after the Russian occupation of Berlin. Mr. Lochner, for two decades chief of the Associated Press Bureau in the German capital, has provided a smooth, colloquial translation and numerous helpful notes. The Propaganda Minister's self-revelation as a man of keenest intelligence, excessive vanity, boundless ambition and utter moral depravity is what one would expect. His cynicism was not as brittle as the play-boy Ciano's, and allows no room for doubts as to the justice of the Nazi cause or the divine mission of the Fuehrer. The historian will find many important revelations here, and writers on the Allied side will discover much ammunition they can discharge on behalf of their favorite heroes and theories of the late war.

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