Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919-1939

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Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919-1939

By E. L. Woodward and Rohan Butler
H. M. Stationery Office (available at British Information Services in New York),

Thus far the following have been published: First Series, Volumes I (1947, 969 p. $7.75) and II (1948, 971 p. $8.40); Second Series, Volumes I (1947, 602 p. $5.50), II (1947, 525 p. $5.50) and III (1948, 617 p. $5.50). The two in the First Series deal with events in 1919, while those that have appeared in the Second Series contain documents for the years 1930-32. The editors' selection and arrangement of the documents has been criticized by fellow historians, but it is safe to say that nothing less than the publication of all the material in the archives would satisfy some critics. Meanwhile, the collection as it is coming out will prove of the utmost value to students of what has now already begun to seem a faraway epoch.

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