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Shadows Lengthen: the Story of My Life
Shadows Lengthen: the Story of My Life
By Clara Longworth De Chambrun
Scribner, 1949, 296 pp

In this second volume of her memoirs, the Countess de Chambrun, sister of Nicholas Longworth and wife of a French banker-general, continues the story of her social life and political prejudices from 1935 to the postwar epoch. There is quite a bit of casual information on the Vichy régime, which she much preferred to the revolutionary Resistance movement and to that trouble-maker, De Gaulle. She applies a heavy coat of whitewash to Laval, though she is critical of Pétain and the other men around him. The book is valuable for its insight into the minds of those who thought they could combine patriotism, loyalty to class interests and a suitably grudging accommodation to the Nazis.