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Mussolini Diplomatico (1922-1932)
Mussolini Diplomatico (1922-1932)
By Gaetano Salvemini
Laterza, 1952, 536 pp

In 1932 this distinguished anti-Fascist scholar wrote a brief study of the Duce's foreign policy, "Mussolini Diplomate" (Paris: Grasset, 1932, 338 p.). The present study is based on this earlier work and, like it, carries the story only to the tenth year of the Fascist régime. But it is greatly expanded, makes use of later publications, and has, of course, the advantage of 20 years' additional perspective. A subsequent volume on the conquest of Ethiopia is to follow. Professor Salvemini, in his comment on Mussolini's ability as a propagandist, is properly dismayed by a current tendency, not in Italy alone, to rehabilitate the dictator and criticize only his "errors."