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A Study of History: Volumes VII, VIII, IX, X
A Study of History: Volumes VII, VIII, IX, X
By Arnold J. Toynbee
Oxford University Press (for the Royal Institute of International Affairs), 1954, 4 pp

With these four volumes Mr. Toynbee concludes his monumental excursion through history and its civilizations. Although the main lines of his interpretation have already been presented, summarized and widely discussed, it is pleasant to return without abridgment to the leisurely pace, the extended asides of the work in its fullness. The subjects of these final volumes are: Universal States and Churches, Heroic Ages, Contacts between Civilizations in Space and Time, Law and Freedom, the Prospects of the Western Civilization and the Inspirations of Historians. While Mr. Toynbee has, in the main, stayed within his original plan of work, there is much new wine in the old bottles.