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What the Tariff Means to American Industries
What the Tariff Means to American Industries
By Percy W. Bidwell
Harper (for the Council on Foreign Relations), 1956, 304 pp

Departing from the usual approaches of tariff literature, this book analyzes the place of the tariff in the economic life of a series of American manufacturing industries. It shows what has been happening to their production, sales, prices and profits, and discusses the problems they face. Foreign competition and tariff changes--actual or potential--are examined in this perspective to see how important they are compared to other forces influencing the industries. Then Dr. Bidwell, a leading tariff expert, examines the question of the industries' adjustment to tariff changes and their claims to be essential for defense. The industries studied are those making watches, bicycles, chinaware, hand-blown glassware, woolens and worsteds, organic chemicals, heavy electrical equipment, and iron and steel products.