Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy

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Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy

By Henry A. Kissinger
Harper (for the Council on Foreign Relations), 1957
455 pp. $5.00

This is a major contribution to a subject of high, indeed the highest, importance. While growing out of the discussions of a study group at the Council on Foreign Relations it is clearly the product of extended analysis and reflection on the part of the author. After defining the problems involved in our survival in the nuclear age Dr. Kissinger examines the relation between technology and strategy and the issues of all-out and limited warfare. Turning to the policy implications of strategy he deals with the utility and difficulties of coalitions and alliances. A somber, urgent, but not pessimistic book, it concludes that the challenge we face is to demonstrate that "democracy is able to find the moral certainty to act without the support of fanaticism and to run risks without a guarantee of success."

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