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Raw Materials: a Study of American Policy
Raw Materials: a Study of American Policy
By Percy W. Bidwell
Harper (for the Council on Foreign Relations), 1958, 403 pp

The United States imports in great quantity raw materials which it also produces at home. Problems ensue. What protection, if any, should be provided for domestic producers? Is it in the national interest to maintain domestic capacity even if production costs are high? Does stockpiling provide the answer? What account must be taken of the interests of foreign countries and American political interests abroad? This book does much to answer all these questions. Its core is a series of case studies of lead and zinc, copper, nickel, wool, rubber, oil, and the raw materials of the steel industry. Taking full account of the interests and attitudes of domestic and foreign producers, importers and exporters, Mr. Bidwell keeps the national interest firmly in view in drawing his conclusions from the sharply-focused investigation of each product.