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United States Army in World War II
United States Army in World War II
Department of the Army, Office of the Chief of Military History, , pp

Four new volumes in the history are: "Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare: 1943-1944," by Maurice Matloff (1960, 640 p. $5.00). One of the sub-series on the War Department, this volume continues the study of general strategic planning through the summer of 1944 and the second Quebec Conference. "Logistical Support of the Armies. Volume II: September 1944-May 1945," by Roland G. Ruppenthal (1959, 540 p. $4.50), is in the sub-series on the European Theater of Operations and deals with logistic issues in the last phase of the conflict. "Cartwheel: The Reduction of Rabaul," by John Miller, Jr. (1959, 418 p. $5.25), one of the sub-series on the Pacific, covers the combined operations that led to the reduction of Rabaul. "Military Relations Between the United States and Canada 1939-1945," by Colonel Stanley W. Dziuban (1960, 432 p. $5.00), is one of a series of special studies.