Full Circle: the Memoirs of Anthony Eden

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Full Circle: the Memoirs of Anthony Eden

Houghton, 1960
676 pp. $6.95

While this is the first volume of Sir Anthony's memoirs it covers his career only from 1951 to 1957, as Foreign Secretary and then Prime Minister. In consequence it is a somewhat somber and unhappy, but none the less very important narrative, climaxed, as it is, by the disastrous Suez episode. Although it is naturally a personal justification of Sir Anthony's position on such issues as E.D.C., the war in Indo-China and the treatment of Nasser, it contains a great deal of valuable information for the historian. But above all it reveals most poignantly the differences in approach and style that British and American diplomacy display--at times with very unfortunate consequences. While one need not accept the wisdom of all Sir Anthony's decisions, he makes it quite clear that the United States can on occasion be a very confusing and exasperating ally.

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