The Vladimirov Diaries. Yenan, China: 1942-1945

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The Vladimirov Diaries. Yenan, China: 1942-1945

By Peter Vladimirov
Doubleday, 1975
538 pp. $10.95

The author was Tass correspondent and Comintern agent with the Chinese Communists in Yenan; his diaries, edited, translated, and possibly fabricated in Moscow, cast a fascinating sidelight on the complex struggle for power among Mao, Chiang, the U.S., and the U.S.S.R. Vladimirov emerges as a sensitive, puritanical, and politically single-minded observer, biased against Chinese national feeling by his own Stalinist chauvinism. His comments on U.S. liaison personnel (Stilwell, Hurley, Davies, Barrett, Service) are acute and insightful; but the last has publicly questioned the authenticity of the diaries.

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