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China Policy: Old Problems and New Challenges
China Policy: Old Problems and New Challenges
By A. Doak Barnett
Brookings, 1977, 130 pp

According to this distinguished expert, protracted delay by the new Administration in normalizing relations with China is likely to create new risks of a deterioration of the present limited détente between Washington and Peking. On the crucial issue, how to normalize relations without "abandoning" Taiwan, Barnett advocates ending the defense treaty with the Nationalists and replacing it with "a strong, unilateral public statement". That statement should make clear that peace and security in the Taiwan area are important to the U.S., that we will oppose any attempts to change Taiwan's status by force, and that in the event of conflict American naval and air support may be offered to Taiwan. The U.S. should also remove all U.S. military forces but continue to allow the sale of military equipment to Taiwan.