Technology and Communist Culture; The Technological Level of Soviet Industry

In This Review

Technology and Communist Culture

Edited by Frederic J. Fleron, Jr.
Praeger, 1977
518 pp.

The Technological Level of Soviet Industry

Edited by R. Ammann, Julian M. Cooper, and R. W. Davies
Yale University Press, 1977
575 pp. $30.00

These two volumes take us several strides ahead in understanding of a subject that is both elusive and of international importance. The one edited by Fleron, ranging topically from theory to specifics and geographically from Eastern Europe and the U.S.S.R. to China, has few literary merits but contains some solid and thoughtful contributions. The study on Soviet industry is the first volume of a large-scale project based at the University of Birmingham and contains detailed case studies, industry by industry, plus a useful overview.