Economic Policy Beyond the Headlines; A Time for Truth

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Economic Policy Beyond the Headlines

By George P. Shultz and Kenneth W. Dam
Norton, 1978
212 pp. $8.95

A Time for Truth

By William E. Simon
Reader's Digest Press, 1978
248 pp. $12.50

Two former Secretaries of the Treasury could hardly have written more contrasting books. With his former government colleague Kenneth Dam, a Chicago law professor specializing in international economics, George Shultz has produced a solid contribution as to how the government works. Using a novel analytical framework, they look at a series of economic problems of continuing importance. William Simon's highly personal account is a lively indictment of government and a call for a crusade to restore liberty and a free economy. This requires a counterintelligentsia financed by business to challenge "the assumptions and goals presently underlying our political life." Simon has little to say about international affairs, but Shultz and Dam have two valuable chapters on the monetary and trade issues they faced.

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