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The Nazi Connection
The Nazi Connection
By F. W. Winterbotham
Harper, 1978, 222 pp

Already known for his pioneer 1974 account of the breaking of the German Enigma cipher and its significant role in World War II (The Ultra Secret), Group Captain Winterbotham comes off well in the much more precise and scholarly volume by R. V. Jones (reviewed above). This account, however, of his prewar attempts at semi-covert intelligence collection in Germany seems thin, overly self-centered, and at times politically naïve - not to be compared, for example, to the first volume of the late John Wheeler-Bennett's memoirs, Knaves, Fools and Heroes (1975). Although Winterbotham in the end became the channel for authentic and valuable sources, much of his high-level activity raises the question of who was playing games with whom.