France's Rhineland Diplomacy, 1914-1924; The Origins of the Second World War

In This Review

France's Rhineland Diplomacy, 1914-1924

By Walter A. McDougall
Princeton University Press, 1978
420 pp. $25.00

The Origins of the Second World War

By Maurice Baumont
Yale University Press, 1978
327 pp. $22.00

These two books, though different, are complementary. McDougall is a young American scholar, experimental and pragmatic in his approach to diplomatic history; he reconstructs French policies, born of perceived weakness, with clarity and sympathy. His is an important monograph, based on new sources. Baumont, a veteran French diplomatic historian, presents a conventional synthesis of European politics in the 1930s. Both books contribute to our understanding of the German problem and the European responses to it.

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