Neocolonialism and Africa in the 1970s; Secret Weapon in Africa

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Neocolonialism and Africa in the 1970s

By E.A. Tarabrin and others
Progress, 1978
335 pp.

Secret Weapon in Africa

By Oleg Ignatyev
Progress, 1977
189 pp.

Both these Soviet analyses of Africa in international politics focus on Western strategies for controlling that continent. Assessing Western economic penetration, a group of Soviet and Bulgarian social scientists see evolving Western behavior on trade, aid and multinational investment as admirably flexible though ultimately unavailing responses in the face of continuing "changes in the world balance of forces against imperialism." Oleg Ignatyev, a Pravda correspondent recounting the history of the Angolan liberation struggle, focuses on CIA aid to the FNLA and UNITA liberation movements, and mentions Cuba only once.

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