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Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation
Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation
By Report of the Atlantic Council's Nuclear Fuels Policy Workin
The Atlantic Council, 1978, pp

This is a valuable review of most of the critical issues in the present nuclear debate, which also suggests alternatives to current U.S. policy. It assumes the necessity of giving priority to the development of nuclear power in order to deal with the energy shortage, while seeking to reduce the possibilities for weapons proliferation. Yet the report is skeptical of delaying commercial reprocessing or of the arguments against the breeder reactor - two hallmarks of the Carter Administration's approach. Rather, it makes a case for actively developing breeder reactors in cooperation with other countries using "proliferation-resistant" technology. Considerable emphasis is placed upon new multilateral arrangements for credibly assuring nuclear fuel supply and for spent fuel nuclear storage facilities, but it is not made clear how the many national and political obstacles to this might be overcome.