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The Sino-Soviet Dispute
The Sino-Soviet Dispute
By Alfred D. Low
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1978, 364 pp

The highest stage of communism may well turn out to be nationalism - a nationalism, moreover, of a particularly virulent form. (Witness the conflicts today between Russia and China, China and Vietnam, Vietnam and Cambodia). Low correctly sees the Sino-Soviet conflict as stemming from rivalry between two imperial powers which have both succumbed to the disease of national chauvinism. Yet he is careful not to belittle the role of ideology. The book is basically a chronological review of the Sino-Soviet polemics and will therefore interest the specialist more than the general reader. But it is one of the few careful analyses of those polemics up through the early 1970s and will be useful to anyone interested in tracing the twists and turns of this crucial relationship.