From Stalinism to Eurocommunism; Towards An East European Marxism; Le "Nouveau Communisme": Études sur l'Eurocommunisme et l'Europe de l'Est

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From Stalinism to Eurocommunism

By Ernest Mandel
NLB, 1978
220 pp.

Towards An East European Marxism

By Marc Rakovski
St. Martin's, 1978
138 pp. $15.95

Le "Nouveau Communisme": Études sur l'Eurocommunisme et l'Europe de l'Est

Edited by Harish Kapur and Miklos Molnar
Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales, 1978
111 pp.

Further illustrations of the intellectual ferment stirred by the phenomena of Eurocommunism. Mandel, as expected, makes a sharp critique from the Left, with particular reference to the "neo-reformist" strategy of the Eurocommunists, and affirms that the time is ripe for a real socialist revolution in Europe, East and West. Rakovski, "a Marxist who lives and works in Eastern Europe," writes a frank and revealing essay exposing both the orthodox Marxism of the regimes and the reformism of the dissidents. Along the way he deals with the class nature of Soviet-type societies, the theory of convergence, and other points of interest. The studies on "the new communism" are worth reading but brief and disappointing in their failure to go very far in analyzing the interaction between Eurocommunism in the West and revisionism in the East.

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