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Warning and Response
Warning and Response
By Julian Critchley
Crane, Russak, 1978, 144 pp

Wars today are rarely declared and then fought; they are initiated and subsequently acknowledged. In this pithy book the author, a Conservative British M.P. well versed in defense matters, examines surprise attacks in the twentieth century (Hitler's blitzkriegs, Pearl Harbor, the North Korean attack on the South, Yom Kippur 1973) and warns: the danger posed by the growth of Soviet power in Europe is clear and present, and raises the specter of a surprise attack. NATO can no longer rely on an early warning, and must change its strategy accordingly or risk rapid defeat. The remedy is not spelled out as well or as fully as the perceived danger; it hinges upon the deployment of new tactical nuclear weapons such as the cruise missile and the neutron bomb. A challenging and timely work on a controversial topic.