Small Is Politics: Organizational Alternatives in India's Rural Development

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Small Is Politics: Organizational Alternatives in India's Rural Development

By Marcus Franda
Wiley Eastern Ltd, 1979
296 pp.

An interesting argument that the new Janata Party's principal accomplishments have been not only a reversal of the authoritarian trends in Indian politics that culminated in "the Emergency," but a decided shift in economic priorities toward rural development. One positive result was an increase in food production of more than 12 percent during Janata's first year in office-the largest annual increase during any of the 30 years since Indian independence. But increasing attention to agricultural production has also aggravated tensions between city and countryside and among the rural classes. Also, the unorganized landless have yet to benefit. Still, as this book shows, India's new democratic revolution is almost certainly the beginning of an important new chapter both in Indian politics and in Indian development strategy.

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