Soweto: Black Revolt, White Reaction; White Man, We Want to Talk to You

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Soweto: Black Revolt, White Reaction

By John Kane-Berman
Ravan Press, 1978
268 pp.

White Man, We Want to Talk to You

By Denis Herbstein
Holmes & Meier, 1979
270 pp. $12.50

A year after the bannings and detentions which ended the 1976-77 uprisings in Soweto and other urban areas, two South Africans tell essentially the same story about the escalation of their country's racial conflict during and after those events. Kane-Berman's book, published in South Africa, is remarkably similar in outlook to Herbstein's, though the former employs a battery of statistics to explain the institutions buttressing the current relationship between the races, while the latter makes greater use of first-person narrative accounts. Kane-Berman in particular points to the implications of the accelerating growth of the black population and the possibility of massive resettlement of urban blacks in overcrowded homelands. Both authors emphasize the continuing intensification of black militance.

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