Ten Years of Terrorism: Collected Views; Terrorism: Theory and Practice; Terrorism: Threat, Reality, Response

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Ten Years of Terrorism: Collected Views

Edited by Jennifer Shaw, E.F. Gueritz and A.E. Younger
Royal United Services Institute/Crane, Russak, 1979
196 pp. $14.95

Terrorism: Theory and Practice

Edited by Yonah Alexander, David Carlton and Paul Wilkinson
Westview Press, 1979
280 pp. $20.00

Terrorism: Threat, Reality, Response

By Robert Kupperman and Darrell Trent
Hoover Press, 1979
450 pp. $14.95

Walter Laqueur says in the foreword to one of these books-he is also a contributor to another-that the serious study of terrorism is only beginning. It is certainly beginning with no lack of conferences, collective volumes and repetition. The Royal Services Institute publication has the bigger names, but the other two carry the subject a bit further. Yonah Alexander and his colleagues look at causes, motives, the character of terrorist movements, the relation of terrorism to broader social trends, and prospects for the future. The Hoover Institution volume goes more deeply into the role of advancing technology in what terrorists can do and what can be done to combat them.

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