The Energy Controversy: Soft Path Questions and Answers; Western Energy Policy; International Oil Policy

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The Energy Controversy: Soft Path Questions and Answers

By Amory B. Lovins and others
Friends of the Earth, 1979
450 pp. $12.50

Western Energy Policy

By Douglas Evans
St. Martin's, 1979
198 pp. $18.50

International Oil Policy

By Arnold Safer
Lexington Books, 1979
163 pp.

Amory Lovins' article in Foreign Affairs, October 1976, drew a great deal of comment, much of it critical. Hugh Nash, a friendly editor, here reorganizes the attacks and rebuttals into more readable form than the congressional reports in which they were originally collected. Evans, a journalist from New Zealand, provides a clear but slightly dated account of the energy policies of major countries and concludes that price and competition are the best weapons to get "humane and efficient" results. Although Safer, an American consultant, believes that high prices will eventually produce an abundance of oil, he wants the United States to do a number of things in the meantime to drive down the OPEC price. These include subsidies and quotas on imports, less regulation at home and financing exploration abroad.

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