Multilaterale Wirtschaftsdiplomatie zwischen Westlichen Industriestaaten

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Multilaterale Wirtschaftsdiplomatie zwischen Westlichen Industriestaaten

By Hans Mayrzedt
Peter Lang, 1979
625 pp.

This is a very well-informed and clearly reasoned discussion of "multilateral economic diplomacy among Western industrial countries as a means of strengthening a liberal, multilateral trade policy." The author, who teaches at St. Gallen, Switzerland, appreciates past accomplishments in this field and is rightly worried about increased difficulties in the future, particularly as bilateralism becomes more popular among governments. The conventions of the Habilitationschrift push writers to demonstrate their erudition in big books containing interlocking studies of a number of different subjects; among the best in this volume are those about the interrelations and changing character of GATT, the Fund and other international economic organizations.

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