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The Multinational Corporation: A Radical Approach
The Multinational Corporation: A Radical Approach
By Stephen Herbert Hymer
Cambridge University Press, 1979, 323 pp

We must be grateful to friends and students of Stephen Hymer for putting together 11 of his papers along with commentaries on his life and ideas. They celebrate his passage from the analysis of the multinational corporation as a liberal economist to the study of the world capitalist system as a Marxist. In both capacities he was original, witty and hardworking. His Marxism was more a matter of insights than of dogma, though he was too fond of simplified metaphors about pyramids of power, offices on the upper floors of skyscrapers, and an international capitalist class that outflanked governments and nationalism. As he died at 38, one can only wonder, sadly, where, in a fluid world, his gifts would have carried him in his effort "to invent new wisdom for a new age." The brief biography does not mention that Steve Hymer was an International Affairs Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1968-69, an important year in his life.