Technology, Defense, and External Relations in China, 1975-1978

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Technology, Defense, and External Relations in China, 1975-1978

By Harry G. Gelber
West view Press, 1979
229 pp. $18.50

A useful survey of Chinese economic, defense and science policy since the death of Mao. The chapter on technology is the most interesting. The author describes the enormous setbacks to the development of science and technology during the Cultural Revolution and then lists the various steps that have been taken to chart a new course: the new stress on intellectual excellence rather than political enthusiasm; the new priority given to higher education; the revival of major research facilities; the importing of foreign technology and the sending of Chinese students to study in the West. Gelber also notes some of the serious restraints likely to hamper the efforts: doubts about the permanence of the government line; the effects of the "lost generation" of graduates and postgraduates; the absence of an entrepreneurial class; the barriers to communication with the Western scientific community, and so forth. He concludes that China will still be lagging in the high technology sector by the end of the century.

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