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Economic Development in Southeast Asia: The Chinese Dimension
Economic Development in Southeast Asia: The Chinese Dimension
By Yuan-li Wu and Chun-hai Wu
Hoover Press, 1980, 219 pp

For those interested in the future of ASEAN, this study of the role of the ethnic Chinese minorities in the economic development of Southeast Asia is very timely. The book concludes: (1) that in spite of their natural resources, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines have not done as well since the 1960s as resource-poor countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea; (2) that one reason for this has been their failure to make the most of their ethnic Chinese material, financial and human resources; (3) that this fact has now been recognized in all the ASEAN countries with the possible exception of Malaysia; (4) that the Chinese businessmen in Southeast Asia have increased their linkages to the United States and other Pacific countries and that this could prove to be useful to the countries of the region; and (5) that the main threat to a favorable outcome is extreme economic nationalism.