The Lending Policy of the World Bank in the 1970s; The World Bank and the Poor

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The Lending Policy of the World Bank in the 1970s

By Bettina S. Hürni
Westview Press, 1980
170 pp. $20.00

The World Bank and the Poor

By Aart van de Laar
Nijhoff, 1980
269 pp. $15.00

When the World Bank decided to concern itself in a major way with poverty, education and rural life, it exposed itself to a large number of criticisms. Quite a few of them are taken up in these two interesting investigations which try to check claims and aims against results. Miss Hürni, a Swiss, is a good deal more satisfied with the Bank's performance than is Mr. van de Laar, a Hollander who used to work there. He thinks too little has been done for the poorest people and poorest countries and wants more developing-country influence in the Bank, more publicity and less Bank influence on the whole process of development finance.

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