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The Real War
The Real War
By Richard M. Nixon
Warner Books, 1980, 341 pp

Described by the former President as a cri de coeur to "take hold before it is too late," this book presents a somewhat alarming view of the world situation. World War III with the Soviet Union began before the Second World War ended, and the West is rapidly losing. The next two decades will be a time of maximum peril for America and the West. The language is colorful and direct-Saudi Arabia is "the Big Enchilada." Nixon clearly enjoys being in the geostrategist's chair. He draws upon his memoirs but goes beyond them in this survey of contemporary affairs; it is, nevertheless, a book of opinion rather than history, and documentation is thin. A nagging question remains: if we are in such terrible shape, why was our decline not arrested between 1969 and 1974?