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Sotsializm I Mezhdunarodnye Ekonomicheskie Otnosheniya
Sotsializm I Mezhdunarodnye Ekonomicheskie Otnosheniya
By N. P. Shmelev
Mezhdunarodyne Otnosheniya, 1979, 303 pp

A substantial discussion of the theoretical and practical aspects of increased participation by the socialist countries in the world market. Transition to a socialist economy of a more open type necessitates various domestic reforms; greater coordination and multilateralization within the Council on Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA); partial convertibility of the ruble; possible participation in the Special Drawing Rights (SDR); membership in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and in a transformed International Monetary Fund (IMF); and reconstruction of the international economic order on the basis of more effective economic exchanges.