Die Amerikanische Handelspolitik gegenüber Westeuropa; Keys for the Future: From Free Trade to Fair Trade

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Die Amerikanische Handelspolitik gegenüber Westeuropa

By Reinhard Rode
Campus Verlag, 1980
323 pp.

Keys for the Future: From Free Trade to Fair Trade

By Christian Mégrelis
Lexington Books, 1980
154 pp. $19.95

Rode's thorough examination of the drafting and passage of the 1974 Trade Act devotes a good bit of space to politics, ideas and governmental organization. A very good piece of work, the book is less detailed on the Tokyo Round and on European-American relations, in spite of the title. When Mégrelis, a French businessman, speaks of "fair trade" he means more than General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade rules and codes about competition. He wants the U.S. to consume less and export more, Japan to import more, and everybody to improve the international monetary system. Against protectionism, he favors some none too clearly defined measures to accommodate changing trade conditions and apparently would like developed and developing countries to group themselves in complementary ways.

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