NATO: The Next Thirty Years; Defense Politics of the Atlantic Alliance

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NATO: The Next Thirty Years

Edited by Kenneth A. Myers
Westview Press, 1980
469 pp. $35.00

Defense Politics of the Atlantic Alliance

Edited by Edwin H. Fedder
Praeger, 1980
187 pp.

Each of these volumes is the result of conferences on European-American relations held in September 1979-shortly before Afghanistan. The Myers book consists of the papers prepared for the Georgetown Center for Strategic and International Studies conference in Brussels at which Kissinger cast his widely noted aspersions on the credibility of the U.S. guarantee to Europe. But the book contains much more-including a contribution by Alexander M. Haig, Jr.-and is clearly worth a careful reading. The Fedder volume is more academic in content and contains some interesting chapters on the economics of defense along with others with a more traditional focus.

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