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Waiting for a "Pearl Harbor": Japan Debates Defense
Waiting for a "Pearl Harbor": Japan Debates Defense
By Tetsuya Kataoka
Hoover Press, 1981, 79 pp

A Japanese professor analyzes Japan's defense debate and concludes that Japan "will not try to change her status as a pacifist dependency [of the United States] until and unless such a change is forced on her by a security crisis." In that event, says the author, the Japanese will opt for a nuclear force de frappe to deter Soviet nuclear blackmail and will move in a Gaullist direction. Such a Japan would continue to be a staunch friend of the United States but would want greater autonomy in defending the Western Pacific. Finally, says the author, the United States can no longer "have it both ways" regarding Japan's defense. Either it must offer a reliable guarantee of Japan's security that includes the security of Korea, or it must allow Japan to move to a more independent posture.