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Why South Africa Will Survive
Why South Africa Will Survive
By L. H. Gann and Peter Duignan
St. Martin's, 1981, 312 pp

A frank and virtually unalloyed admiration for the strength and capability of South Africa's nationalist regime pervades this study by Hoover Institution Senior Fellows Gann and Duignan. Their thesis-that South Africa will be able to resist all conceivable threats to the status quo for the foreseeable future and that the West should therefore support the current regime-is buttressed by an array of economic and military statistics. Their picture of South Africa's situation is, however, fatally flawed by their neglect of several crucial factors: the effect of apartheid in creating a new generation of militant blacks; the change in both black and white perceptions about the survival of the status quo with the independence of Angola, Mozambique and Zimbabwe; and the growing Western stake in the resources and trade of black Africa.