Afghanistan: Key to a Continent; The Struggle for Afghanistan; A Journey through Afghanistan: A Memorial

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Afghanistan: Key to a Continent

By John C. Griffiths
Westview Press, 1981
225 pp. $20.00

The Struggle for Afghanistan

By Nancy Peabody Newell and Richard S. Newell
Cornell University Press, 1981
227 pp. $14.95

A Journey through Afghanistan: A Memorial

By David Chaffetz
Regnery Gateway, 1981
254 pp. $12.95

Griffiths stresses the lack of unity of the Afghan resistance against the Soviet Union: "There is some spasmodic cooperation between various groups but the general pattern is one of a large number of independent guerrilla leaders conducting their feudal, warlord-style campaigns." The absence of a unified campaign not only diminishes the rebels' military impact but means that there is no one with whom the Soviets can negotiate. The Newell volume's strength lies in its lucid and compact historical background to current developments. Richard Newell is a historian specializing in Afghanistan and Nancy Newell is a researcher on South Asia. The Newells argue for a gradual increase in aid to the resistance, including arms. David Chaffetz's book is a beautifully written and perceptive recounting of a journey through Western Afghanistan-evidently before the Soviet invasion. The author is a young, and very talented, student of Middle Eastern peoples and languages.

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