International Cooperation in Nuclear Energy; The Nuclear Power Debate

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International Cooperation in Nuclear Energy

By Joseph A. Yager
Brookings, 1981
226 pp. $17.95

The Nuclear Power Debate

By Scott Fenn
Praeger, 1981
199 pp.

The Yager volume presents sensible, if not wholly original, ideas to help cope with nuclear proliferation, such as assuring the availability of nuclear fuel at acceptable prices so as to forestall reprocessing and multinational storage of spent fuel. New international institutions are suggested but the difficulties in achieving them are realistically taken into account. The Fenn book reviews the economic, political and technological uncertainties which are plaguing the nuclear power industry in the United States. It foresees-perhaps wrongly, given the Reagan Administration's generally pro-nuclear stance-a continuation of cancellations in the construction of nuclear plants as utility companies confront reduced demand for electricity, financial difficulties, and stricter safety regulations.

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