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Beyond the Salt II Failure
Beyond the Salt II Failure
By John F. Lehman and Seymour Weiss
Praeger, 1981, 195 pp

In the foreword Richard Perle, presently the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, sees a disturbing parallel between British sentiments in the 1930s and recent arms control theories. As Chamberlain admitted in 1938, "weakness in armed strength means weakness in diplomacy." Seymour Weiss and John Lehman, now Secretary of the Navy, in a series of essays taken from articles over the 1977-1979 period, point out the shortcomings of the SALT process and the necessity for $30 billion in additional defense funding to close the gaps. The assumption that the Soviets were merely trying to catch up to the U.S. and were not seeking superiority had, in the authors' view, biased our past intelligence estimates and our defense spending.