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South Africa: The Prospects of Peaceful Change
South Africa: The Prospects of Peaceful Change
By Theodor Hanf, Heribert Weiland and Gerda Vierdag
Indiana University Press, 1981, 492 pp

Not a collection of essays but a well-integrated collaboration, this study provides a thorough documentation, based on extensive surveys, of white and black attitudes toward existing institutions and potential future dispensations. First published in German in 1978, its conclusions seem, on the whole, valid today-except for the reiterated inference that Buthelezi is the preeminent leader for blacks (which has been contradicted by recent surveys). The relatively inflexible commitment to the current system by the ruling Afrikaners and, on the other side, the mounting anger which threatens to harden the still tolerant attitudes of blacks, lead the authors to a predictably pessimistic conclusion about the possibilities for peaceful change.