International Regulation of Internal Resources; Law and International Resource Conflicts

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International Regulation of Internal Resources

By Mahnoush H. Arsanjani
University Press of Virginia, 1981
558 pp. $37.50

Law and International Resource Conflicts

By J.E.S. Fawcett and Audrey Parry
Clarendon Press/Oxford University Press (for the Royal Institute of Interna, 1981
254 pp. $55.00

Whatever the outcome of the debate on a new international economic order, the global economy of interdependence will require continuing adjustment of conflicts over how the world's resources are to be produced, priced, used and shared. These two books review the state of international law on the subject and look to the future. Arsanjani takes a lofty general approach, pointed toward a world order of human dignity and equitable distribution, but the bulk of her book is a detailed study of international agreements and practices. The more concise volume of Fawcett and Parry, based on the work of a Chatham House group, takes up trade, investment, marine resources, oil and other topics, describing the existing role of law and nonlegal rules and standards in the resolution of conflicts.

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