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The Role of Economic Advisers in Developing Countries
The Role of Economic Advisers in Developing Countries
By Lauchlin Currie
Greenwood Press, 1981, 270 pp

Lauchlin Currie went from Harvard to Washington as an adviser to Franklin Roosevelt. In 1949 he organized the first country mission sent out by the World Bank and afterwards returned to Colombia to help carry out its recommendations. Most of the time since then he has spent advising the Colombian government in a variety of capacities. Though this excellent book is neither an autobiography nor an economic history of Colombia, elements of both go into Currie's analysis of advisers, advice and what causes the recipients to accept or reject them. Several respected institutions and methods come off poorly and he does not hold with a number of ideas now fashionable, especially if they might get in the way of growth. This is an original book of great value and quality.