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The Division of Europe After World War II: 1946
The Division of Europe After World War II: 1946
By Walt W. Rostow
University of Texas Press, 1982, 212 pp

Another title for this memoir cum retrospective analysis could be "Present at the Division." At the time a young officer in the European economic section of the State Department, Rostow pushed for a policy propounded by Clayton and Acheson and rebuffed by Secretary Byrnes: to reach for an all-European settlement rather than piecemeal peace treaties that would hasten the emergence of two blocs. None of this is "mere" history-not in the mind of the author, who uses his text to argue for a strong and unambiguous U.S. stance against the Soviet Union, and presumably not in the minds of readers who know that Yalta and its putative division of Europe have become the subject of renewed European interest.