The Mossadegh Era: Roots of the Iranian Revolution

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The Mossadegh Era: Roots of the Iranian Revolution

By Sepehr Zabih
Lake View Press, 1982
182 pp. $14.95

A careful account of the complicated struggle for power involving the nationalist and reformist forces of Mossadegh, the clerical followers of Kashani, the communists, the army, and the Shah and the ruling elite, ending with the fall of Mossadegh in 1953. The role of British and U.S. intelligence agencies was but one factor in the final outcome, despite the popular conception-itself a political fact of continuing importance-that the CIA alone overthrew Mossadegh and saved the Shah. The author, now a senior scholar in the United States, was at that time a working journalist in Iran and had extensive conversations, then and later, with many of the leading actors in the political drama.

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